Who We Are

The Broker Regulator is an independent non-profit non-governmental organization that aims to provide maximum transparency of financial markets, including actively developing markets of electronic currencies and crypto-currencies, and attracting investments through the ICO, through the competent and comprehensive regulation.

Our activity is carried out strictly within the framework of current domestic and international legislation.  We are sure that all participants of the markets from traders, investors and customers to banks, brokerage firms and other financial organizations should have an opportunity to trust the system and have a guarantee of compliance with financial obligations. 

Main areas of focus of Broker Regulator are: 

- licensing of financial organizations (banks, brokerage companies, credit institutions, electronic payments operators, electronic payment systems, etc.);

-resolving disputes, discrepancies and other conflict situations between financial organizations and other market participants, regardless of their jurisdiction;

-development and implementation of common standards of financial activity;

Establishment of compensation fund for the clients of companies that have a license of "Broker Regulator." 

-complex and comprehensive assistance to improve the work quality of the organization's participants;

-identification and elimination of various fraudulent schemes in the financial markets, as well as the prosecution of their organizers;

-carrying out independent financial audits of banks, credit organizations, brokerage companies, etc.;

-provision of information and analysis services and access to various legal information.

We can positively assert that each company that received our license fully meets the requirements of Broker Regulator to provide reliable and quality services to its clients. In the event of violation of established rules and regulations, we reserve the right to impose disciplinary and financial measures on the members of the organization.

Our Principles

The focus on results and the full satisfaction of the goals set is a fundamental principle of our Organization's work. We are in a constant process of development, improving and adopting new standards, and carefully monitoring activities of the participants. In addition, the following are important principles for Broker Regulator: 

-Maximum openness and transparency;

-complete independence from public institutions, private companies and other institutions;

-efficiency in resolving any arising issues;

Impartiality to all members of the Organization;

-willingness to cooperate with other regulatory organizations. 

Organizational Structure

The management of the Broker Regulator activity is carried out by a board of directors, which consists of experienced and qualified experts in the field of regulation of financial markets. The resolution of disputes and conflict situations is handled by independent arbitration. A special place in our organization's structure has the Committee on rule making, which is working to develop new and improve already adopted rules and standards.

Always guarding financial markets and investor's interests!

Impeccable reputation is a subject of pride in Broker Regulator We seek to maintain an opened policy regarding our participants and their clients. You can learn all the news and the Organization's innovations on this website. We are always ready for cooperation and interesting offers.


Let's make financial markets safer and more secure together!