Because of Coronavirus Japan limits public crowds

Japan canceled the emperor’s birthday celebrations next week as it moved on Monday to limit crowds to contain the spread of the coronavirus"

Facebook ready to pay more tax: Zuckerberg

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg accepts that global tax reforms mean it may have to pay more taxes"

Japan shows first Coronavirus death at the same time China's deceases increase

The Chinese province at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak reported a record rise in deaths and thousands more infections"

Finance Minister quits, PM Johnson claim control over UK government

British finance minister Sajid Javid resigned on Thursday, a surprise move that underlined Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s"

German Social Democrats said, without Merkel no coalition

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) signaled on Wednesday they could quit their coalition with Angela Merkel’s conservatives if she is forced out as chancellor"

Outside China, coronavirus cases could be the tip of the iceberg: WHO

People across China trickled back to work on Monday after an extended Lunar New Year holiday as the government eased restrictions imposed to counter the coronavirus"

Coronavirus shows China's surveillance state

When the man from Hangzhou returned home from a business trip, the local police got in touch. They had tracked his car by his license plate in nearby Wenzhou"

From travels to supply chains, China virus hits the country

China’s fast-moving coronavirus spread among passengers of a quarantined Japanese cruise liner on Thursday"

Carmakers, airlines, cruise ships all affected in China by virus

Thousands of passengers and crew on two cruise ships in Asian waters were placed in quarantine for China’s coronavirus on Wednesday"

Macau shuts casino while Hong Kong registered first death by virus

Hong Kong reported its first coronavirus death on Tuesday, the second outside mainland China from a fast-spreading outbreak"

After London attack, PM Johson vows to toughen terrorism rules

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to end the early release of convicted terrorists after an Islamist attacker stabbed two people"

China accuses U.S. of the panic, as stocks tumble

China accused the United States on Monday of whipping up panic over a fast-spreading coronavirus with travel restrictions and evacuations"

Despite virus fears, Hong Kong leader rejects to close border

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam rejected calls from a medical union on Friday to close the border with mainland China"

Sadness and joy when Britain part away from EU

The United Kingdom leaves the European Union on Friday, its most significant change of course since the loss of its empire"

Chemicals and refining, affect the promised of turnaround of Exxon CEO

At Exxon Mobil Corp, CEO Darren Woods’ plan to revive earnings at the largest U.S. oil and gas company is being sidetracked"