'Tide is turning' on China: Pompeo

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday the “tide is turning” in U.S. dealings with China"

New Cold War is feeding by U.S. presidential election: China

China on Thursday accused the United States of stoking a new Cold War "

U.S. Republicans worry about China using TikTok to interfere in next elections

A group of top Republican U.S. Senators on Tuesday ramped up pressure on TikTok"

UK PM seeks TV face to “speaking to the nation"

Britain is advertising for a skilled communicator to front newly-televised government media briefings - a job billed as “speaking to the nation” "

Spain slams British and German for travel advisories as a discriminatory measure

Spain reacted with outrage on Tuesday to recommendations from Britain and Germany that their citizens avoid "

Defector of North Korea fled sex abuse investigation

Last week, a 24-year-old defector returned to North Korea the way he left in 2017"

Dining on restaurants is banned in Hong Kong as authorities battles new wave of coronavirus

Hong Kong banned gatherings of more than two people on Monday, closed down restaurant dining "

After impose coronavirus quarantine to Spain's travellers, UK eyes France and Germany

Britain is closely watching rises in coronavirus cases in other European destinations such as France and Germany "

In retaliation for Houston's case, China orders U.S. to shut Chengdu consulate

China ordered the United States to close its consulate in the city of Chengdu on Friday"

Thousands to pray for first time at Istanbul's Hagia Sophia

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan joined thousands of worshippers at Hagia Sophia on Friday for the first prayers "

Baltic states and U.S. against Russian 'rewriting of history'

The United States joined Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on Thursday in opposing any Russian attempts to rewrite history"

China to shut Houston consulate by order U.S.

The United States has told China to close its consulate in Houston in a dramatic worsening of ties between the world’s two biggest economies"

Drugs donated for U.S. provocate headache for the government's Brazil

Brazil’s federal and state governments are in a political tug-of-war over the Trump administration’s donation of the drug hydroxychloroquine"

After fractious summit, EU reaches historic deal on pandemic recovery

European Union leaders clinched an historic deal on a massive stimulus plan for their coronavirus-throttled economies in the early hours of Tuesday"

Russia's intromission on Brexit couldn't be determined by UK government

Britain’s government failed to determine whether Russia meddled in the 2016 referendum on membership in the EU"