Detailed DividendCare Review

Dividendcare is a top ranking company that offers trading services worldwide.  We are well-known for our fidelity to our clients, industry-leading software, top-quality working pattern, expertise and advisory services and much more that everyone may discover by joining us as a customer. Dividendcare is a full-service brokerage, which provides its clients access to financial markets and variety of products, as such stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, indexes etc. Our professional background and working history includes rich experience in investing, trading, financing activities and allows us to be suitable option for each category of trader, from the beginner to the advanced user in online trading. We welcome investors from all over the world, which chose our company as their trading partner. 

Our global service allows operating with the wide range of up-to-date tools, advanced research analysis and unique products.  We offer income-generating trading operations, sophisticated investments, expert and advisory assistance, competitive rates. Dividendcare’s managers use tailor-made approach to each client, trying meet special needs of each customer. You would receive support at every step of your way of online trading and be sure that this support would help you to be at the top of investing world. They would take care of your asset portfolio building and management, investment strategy choices.

Traders have at their disposal powerful, cutting edge and high-speed online trading platform - MetaTrader 4. It has all trading features, functions and monitoring capabilities required to trade efficiently in real time anywhere in the world. Its fast and secure execution allows making orders and take positions instantly. In-time alerts, real-time quotes, latest news, customized data and charts help you to stay tuned as to take cautious decisions and opt for high-end positions.  You can choose your own operating mode depending on your device and download any of the following options: MT4 for Windows/Android/MAC/IPhone/IPad. 

Dividendcare has put together a great deal of educational materials into one well-organized, easy-to-use place - the Education section on Dividendcare website (available before logging in). There you can get an access to the rich selection of educational courses. Dividendcare provides extensive educational content, which includes easy-to-read instructional lessons on general and detailed trading practices. Education section is friendly to beginners in trading as it is focused on comprehensive trader education. 10 courses cover fundamental information about trading and investing.  Specific knowledge on different topics, such as interpretation of trends, technical indicators, charts are also provided. If you are new to investing, this portal will definitely be helpful for you. We offer educational resources for those who want to learn the very basic of trading mechanism and get an understanding of the most common features of technical analysis and financial concepts. 

We are striving to the excellence that’s why we do our best to deliver a high-profile service for our traders. One of the most visible efforts in working with customers includes client support service. If you have any injury or question, whether you are current or future customer, our customer support team is ready to help you. We provide our clients with round-the-clock, professional, accessible customer support, which is available 24/7. Dividendcare customer support team is industry leader as it offers different ways to contact. In case you need technical assistance or casual injury client support service can be reached out by phone or email around the clock. Professional consultants provide in-depth assistance in any area and at every step of your trading with us. 

Dividendcare No.1 priority as online broker is our client’s satisfaction with our operation. In this regard we work daily to deliver research and technical information, which will help to choose appropriate positions, place correct orders and trade with profit in general. Traders can find in-depth standard fundamental or technical analysis, extensively-prepared by our market experts, which make it easy for them to analyze and understand current market developments, investment strategies and to broaden analytical way of thinking. Being a global player, we closely monitor financial stock exchanges and markets around the world and share daily market news, analyst reports, expert commentary, financial data of specific companies, market insights etc. On a daily basis we update technical analysis, offering charts and commentary. In addition at your disposal are economical calendar with the coming events in business world and streaming chart with real-time diagrams. 

We care about our client’s security, hence we are regulated by International Commission of Financial Services. That means that our customers’ assets are well-protected and guaranteed.

Favourable commissions, user-friendly online platform, in-depth fundamental and technical research, and a powerful suite of educational resources make Dividendcare a compelling option for fresh and advanced traders. Beginner will find useful to study a good selection of informative and educational materials, while advanced user may directly proceed to looking through technical charts and starting to trade via powerful trading platform.  Dividendcare offer a large package of investment products, such as stocks, indexes, commodities, options, bonds etc. Our round-the-clock customer support team is ready to address any injuries or challenges. Dividendcare is a reliable online brokerage, suitable for those kind of traders, who want to rather have their assets managed in an easy-going manner through a robust partnership with the well-reputed broker. 

Dividendcare offers everything you need for online trading: up-to-date trading platform, 24/7 customer support, high-quality research and technical analysis, extensive educational offerings and security, guaranteed by regulators. For beginner traders Dividendcare is a great starting point, for advanced traders – it is a solid haven – we meet everyone’s needs. We maintain steady partnership relations, support secure, sophisticated trading and make our client’s needs a priority.